Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mark-My-Time Is A Fun Way To Keep Them Reading!

Dontcha just love it?

My one son is bless with excellent reading ability and yet... he hates it.

My other son has a really difficult time reading and yet... he loves it.

It makes homework and reading time especially difficult to manage. We make our kids read 20-30 minutes each day. Silent or out loud, it does not really matter to me. What does matter to me though, is the constant questioning - "Are we done yet? How long has it been? I feel like I am reading FOREVER!"

THIS IS WHERE TECHNOLOGY COMES IN! I just found these Mark-My-Time digital bookmarks and I adore them! Take it from a mom who's son has an IEP, a tutor and 5 weeks of targeted reading clinics in the summer... these babies are amazing!

It is so helpful to have someone (else) keep the time for you. There is no whining. No complaining and no finishing early. They actually look forward it it now.

It is a small miracle!

Anyone else want to try one of these out? Leave me a comment below and I will select one winner to give a new bookmark too. So simple, eh?
(Dear FTC - I was provided with product for this review.)


  1. Jennifer --

    I would love to win this! And/or product review. I have a 9 yr-old daughter who can do the review with me.

    This is actually Whitney Johnson (not Miranda).

  2. I would love to win one of these. My son also has an IEP, 3 speech therapy sessions a week, a new 20 page story to read weekly with 25 assoicated spelling words and 30 minutes of forced reading each night. This would make things much easier each evening.

  3. Awsome! They look really fun :) I'd like to enter too

  4. I have a strange thing for bookmarks! I'm in! This looks awesome (-:

  5. How cool! That would be a great thing to win!

  6. I'll (meaning my kiddos)pick a winner this weekend!